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Did you know April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month?

In 2016, distracted drivers killed 3,450 people, down slightly from the 3,477 killed in 2015. Although legislative efforts continue to curb distracted driving induced by technology, cell phone use behind the wheel persists. In Wisconsin and 46 other states, texting while driving is illegal. Throughout the month of April, various safety organizations work towards shedding light on the issue and promoting safe driving.

An underreported epidemic

Are some using Facebook to block older workers from job ads?

Ageism remains a prevalent problem in some areas of the workforce. While the internet has made it remarkably easy to find and apply for a job, it also allows for employers to be much more discerning. That discernment, it appears, may veer into discrimination.

Some of the nation’s leading employers have turned to targeted Facebook ads in an effort to seek out applicants. The social media platform’s ad model allows for incredibly granular targeting, and specific age groups fall under a demographic that can be isolated. Does this hyper-focused targeting violate the law?

Contaminated water is a concern in Wisconsin and nationwide

Contaminated drinking water was found to cause hundreds of illnesses and a number of deaths around the nation, including in Wisconsin. A recent CDC report shows that these incidents occurred in 2013 and 2014 caused by dangerous contaminates including chemicals, toxins and infectious pathogens in drinking water. Outbreaks ended in 1,006 cases of illness, over 100 hospitalizations and 13 deaths around the country.

Unfortunately, unsafe water isn’t always obvious. It can appear clean and clear, while containing dangerous contamination. Legionella bacteria was found to be the cause of 88 percent of the hospitalizations and all of the deaths. The bacteria causes legionellosis, a respiratory sickness. Dangerous pathogens found in manure were another major cause sickness. Pathogens cause gastrointestinal illness, which can be deadly for people with weakened immune systems. Contaminated drinking water can induce other health issues such as neurological disorders, cancer and infertility.


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