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What You Should Know

Experience Makes a Difference

We have represented people in auto accident cases, work place accidents, employment disputes, and corporate problems in state and federal court, and before administrative authorities. Robert Kasieta spent many years representing insurance companies on all kinds of claims. Now, he works for the people who bring claims against insurance companies. We know the workings of the insurance industry from the inside. We know how to win against insurance companies.

The attorney client relationship is one of the most important that you will ever have. You only have one chance to win your case.

Relationships Matter Most

We view the attorney client relationship as one of the most important that you will ever have. We know you only have one chance to win your case. We address not only courtroom activity, but also work with our clients to ensure that they completely understand what is going on in the civil litigation process. After all, anxiety grows out of the unknown. We are here not only to win your case, but also to ensure that we lessen your anxiety about the legal process by keeping you fully advised and by explaining all the things that you need to know. We know that client service is important and our clients agree that we provide it. There are all kinds of lawyers, just like there are all kinds of people. Pick one that will give you the kind of service that you deserve and expect.